“I came to Kelly with the objective of having a convincing woman’s voice over the telephone. But that turned out to be quite a low bar. I left Kelly and have virtually never been misgendered since. I go places in a ball cap, T-shirt and jeans, with no make up at all, and still I am only ma’med. I do not come close to “passing” but on the strength of my voice, alone, people hear, “woman” and go with it. To me this was the most surprising result of voice therapy. And, if I had known how well it could work, I would have done it years ago.

I am a consultant. I literally talk for a living. When I thought about transitioning, I was pretty sure I would not be able to transition at work, and certainly not in front of customers. But after working with Kelly, I decided to try with just my work group. When I asked my closest friends about feedback on my voice, every single one said they heard only female. With that confidence, I moved quickly to full time at work, and started customer engagements presenting as a woman. In the past year, I have not had one issue, nor a single misgendering at work, or at customers. I attribute this in large part to the incredible work Kelly did with me.”

-Kate P.